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More about FARC, Inc

During the last three decades, the Foot and Ankle Research Consortium (FARC) Inc., has become a world leader in podiatric medical education, customized practitioner based board exam preparation; and institutional residency director statistical tracking psychometrics. We have helped more than 8,000 practitioners pass their board certification, qualification and re-certification examinations; and dozens of hospital medical and residency directors monitor and track their interns, residents and fellows.

We are now seeking unbiased corporate sponsorships and neutral advertising partners because of our rapid domestic growth and international expansion.

PodiatryPrep™ offers a complete line of preparation tools; from the National Boards for podiatry students, interns, residents and fellows – to professional state licensing tests – and all board certification examinations, specialty certifications and re-certifications in medicine, orthopedics, and especially surgery and related derivatives, etc.

FARC, Inc., also provides medical practice management and professional business consulting services and seminars to physicians and podiatric practitioners, and state, regional and national medical societies through our select strategic alliance partnership with: www.MedicalBusinessAdvisors.com.

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  1. Align your Resources with Us … and Grow!

    Medical schools, residency programs, hospitals and clinics, educational corporations, DME firms, Big-Pharma and/or related healthcare institutions may partner with us in three ways:

    1. Marketing Affiliate

    Want to join forces with a nationally recognized leader who delivers best-of-breed educational tools and test preparation software programs, books and techniques to podiatric physicians? You’ve come to the right place!

    Our solutions address board examination challenges from the point of initial preparatory contact – to examination completion – and follow-up with our product backed “guarantee to pass.” We seek to form meaningful alliances with healthcare firms who share our passion to maximize value for our joint clients.

    At PodiatryPrep, we offer customized incentives to reward you for providing sales referrals for our leading ala carte, or suite of products, and we support your efforts with our extreme client service.

    2. Participating Partner

    Are you looking to align your business with the leading international provider of board certification, education and preparation study guides, sample exam simulations and solutions for podiatric physicians? Look no further!

    Our solutions complement traditional textbook preparation by offering CD-ROM software tools to streamline study for both the first-time test taker, as well as the ESL student, or the mature physician needing recertification tools for any podiatric board examination offered today.

    As a PodiatryPrep Participating Partner, you can earn greater incentives for taking the lead in assisting us with sales, implementation and support of our doctor-prospects and client-colleagues. We’ll support your efforts with expert training, co-branded marketing programs, partner dashboard and dedicated support offerings, etc.

    3. Integration Partner

    Have you ever imagined the value you could create by offering and integrating world class test preparation solutions to your podiatric physician clients? Well, imagine no more!

    We believe that when leaders work together, their mutual clients benefit. If you share this vision, then let’s explore what a truly integrated test preparation suite of solutions might offer your clients. We’ll match your commitment with innovative CD-ROM tools, and web-based technology, with passionate and talented people, and an unparalleled dedication to serving our colleagues.

    As a PodiatryPrep Integration Partner, you gain access to the appropriate sales, marketing, and implementation support and development resources needed to ensure our mutual success.

    Contact us today:

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