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Medical and Podiatric Residency Directors, Hospital CXOs, Clinic Administrators and Healthcare Institutions

You have a grave responsibility and a tough job educating young Doctors of Podiatric Medicine – the future of our profession. Practitioners of tomorrow.  Young DPMs and patients are depending on you!

So, why are you still using “gut” impressions of academic achievement?

Today – Genomics is here. Evidence-Based-Medicine is here. But, a statistically valid and reproducible way to objectively rate podiatric medical and surgical residents is not; until now.

Announcing Rate My Residents – a new testing program – used to evaluate the knowledge, medical and surgical acumen of podiatry residents – And your teaching and didactic leadership ability.



Enter – Rate My Residents

Rate My Residents is the only PC based [WIN-XP® OS] computerized electronic and interactive testing program for podiatric medical and surgical residency directors.

Director administered, and resident generated, Rate My Residents is a private, personal and statistically driven method to evaluate interns, residents [1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year] and podiatric fellows in-training across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Now, directors can objectively and confidentially rate their residents, and privately counsel them for performance improvement, if needed.

Improve the potential patient care of young resident-doctors, augment your reputation as a director, and improve the credibility of your residency program and profession. A Win-Win situation for all stakeholders.

Each Rate My Residents electronic test is built for podiatry residents [medical and surgical versions available]. The programs do what residency directors have been doing forever – evaluating their residents to determine who’s a great resident and one who is marginal and may need additional teaching, education and customized tools from PodiatryPrep.

Surgical Topics include:

  • Lower extremity anatomy
  • Diagnostic evaluation
  • Peri-operative management
  • Surgical principles
  • Surgical procedures
  • Surgical complications
  • Drugs and pharmacology, and much more!

Medical Topics include:

  • Podiatric medicine and pediatrics
  • Podiatric orthopedics and biomechanics
  • Diabetes and neuropathy
  • Epidemiology and public health
  • Infections and wound care
  • Neurology and bone tumors
  • Shoes and orthotics, and much more!

Residency Report-Card

Know how much your residents are learning, for sure, just like a residency report card. Benchmark their progress for motivation [quarterly, bi-annually or annually], etc. Even, use it as a program acceptance triage tool.

Or, peform spot checks and audits after SWOT analysis. Re-inforce subject matter strengths and augment any topical weakness. Produce well-rounded residents.

Now, mathematical validity is in – heuristics is out. The next-generation of Podiatric Education 2.0 Evaluation is here. Your liability is reduced. You worth as a director is demonstrated.

And, a new level in residency training quality improvement and educational psychometrics is finally ACHIEVED*



“What gets measured – gets improved”

– Peter Drucker –


  • Phone: 1.770.448.0769
  • Order form below.
  • Bulk orders: Windows-XP discounts available
  • PayPal: via $350 each.





  1. Dear PodiatryPrep,

    This is a very innovative and timely idea.

    Podiatry education and training is very disparate. State laws vary, surgeons and practicing DPMs vary, schools and residencies vary … and this has always been problem in the profession. Marginal to average to super practitioners exist producing a haves and have-nots, situation. Not good.

    But, if these testing programs perform as stated, a great leap will have been achieved to help dampen the peaks and valleys of residency educations and raise the bar for all.

    Good luck!

    A Residency Director
    [Los Angeles, California]

  2. Agreed

    I work with residents. This has the potential to be game-changing.

    Dr. Hammersmith

  3. Top Programs and Institutional Purchaser Lists

    Going forward, befitting our rich institutional past, as the new residency testing program matures, we will list the top residents, directors and programs based on scored results, ratings and comments from hospitals, ASCs, programs, clinics, residents, directors and other podiatric institutions:

    Some Purchasing and Partnered Institutions:

    * Advocate Health
    * Atlanta Hospital and Medical Center
    * Boston Medical Center
    * Coast Plaza Hospital
    * Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Care Center
    * C.C.P.M.
    * Essential Health Clinic
    * Foot Care Center
    * William L. Goldfarb Foundation
    * Gundersen Lutheran Health System
    * Harris County Hospital
    * Hoston Podiatry Foundation
    * Hershey Medical Center
    * Lutheran Hospital Maryland
    * Montgomery Hospital
    * Mount Sinai Hospital
    * New York Methodist Hospital
    * Northlake Ambulatory Surgery Center
    * North Lake Regional Medical Center
    * Orthopedic Center of South Florida
    * Regents Health
    * Rush University Medical Center
    * Rosland Franklin University
    * Saint Barnabas Medical Center
    * Spokane Foot Center
    * Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital
    * Scott and White Hospital
    * St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital
    * The Foot and Ankle Institute
    * Tri-County Foot-Ankle Clinic
    * Trinity Health
    * VA Medical Center
    * VA Hospital
    * Westview Hospital
    * Western Pennsylvania Hospital
    * King Abdul Aziz Medical City
    * National Guard Health Affairs
    * etc, etc, etc.

    More to come, no doubt.

    FARC, Inc

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