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Product Support [.com]

Institutions, Hospitals and Residency  Director [.ORG] products are delivered by e-mailed and require the WINDOWS XP operating system from Microsoft, Corporation.

So, the best way to receive technical support is to use the Contact Form below or send us an e-mail: MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com that gives specific information on your problem or question. Support is free for 30 days after purchase and for fully paid institutional, hospital medical and residency directors only.

In case of extreme technical Institutional [.COM] emergency:

Dr. William P. Scherer; MS [Residency Directors: KeyStone Windows XP-QAs versions only]  DrScherer@aol.com   [Phone: 954.614.6691]

NOTE: Many doctors today use laptops, but often mix up the right and left mouse buttons; so take care.

[PodiatryPrep™ is a trademark of the Foot and Ankle Research Consortium, Inc. By using our products, you are bound by our Payment Terms, Conditions, Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and User Agreements].




  1. Doctor Wiseman,

    Many thanks for your contact. The support line is available to you at: 954-614-6691. Just ask for Dr. Scherer, as per your instruction manual.

    [Executive Director]

  2. Thanks.
    I will call today.
    Dr. Frederick Wiseman

  3. Ann,
    Thanks. I appreciate your thorough answers to my questions. Take care.
    Dr. S. Chaudhry

  4. Alternate Installation Instructions

    Thanks to Dr. Scherer for technical support, and for the after-hour instructions; they worked great!

    Gregory Boake, DPM


    Dear Sample Doctor Client

    Thank you for writing, calling or emailing FARC Inc technical support for your podiatryrep.com product.

    My name is Atwal and I understand that you are concerned about installing your interactive Keystone QA product. I value the importance of your concern and will try to provide you with the relevant information for success.

    For now, please do the following:

    1. Read your instructions manual very carefully; Windows XP machines only; no direct MACs without a bridge program.

    2. If unsuccessful, then follow these alternative “red” instructions, located on this blog link here and above: https://podiatryprep.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/letterhead-farc-inc-install1.pdf

    3. If all else fails, contact Dr. William Scherer MS [CTO] for support using this contact info: 954-614-6691 or drscherer@aol.com Just ask for Dr. William [Bill] Scherer, as per your instruction manual.

    For your convenience, our email support staff is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have additional questions, concerns or need further assistance, please be sure not to change the subject line so that we can urgently address any remaining concerns.

    You may be selected to receive a survey. Your feedback is valuable to us and we are very interested in hearing about your support experience. Should you receive a survey, we appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    Have a pleasant day ahead and week.

    Atwal [Client Services Representative]

  6. Why No Direct Vista or WIN 7 Version?

    Steve Fry recently compared this version of Microsoft’s operating system to something unpleasant on the bottom of his shoe, and the general consensus was that Vista was an unmitigated disaster.

    Businesses were reluctant to install it on their systems, tech-geeks were irritated about the issues with digital rights management (DRM) and everyone else seemed to take exception to it being oddly slow and buggy.

    The problem for Vista was it started off badly and then seemed to stumble uncontrollably from one issue to the next. No matter how hard Microsoft tried, it couldn’t get people to like Vista.

    It had pleanty of good points but Vista’s dirty laundry was all too public.

    More: http://www.computeractive.co.uk/computeractive/news/2272459/kinect-windows-phone-zune-vista#ixzz13n11My11

    Thus, no Vista version for us.

    But, Windows 7 users can still use our CDs by downloading a virtual Windows XP OS version embedded in WIN 7.


  7. About MSFT Vista and WIN 7 Complaints

    Users remained stymied by endless reboots after trying to upgrade their PCs to Windows 7, according to messages posted on Microsoft’s support forum.

    Microsoft gets hit with increasing Windows 7 upgrade complaints.


    For related complaints on the MSFT WIN 7 OS, please visit page 7 of this link:


    Microsoft quietly unveils Vista-to-XP downgrade


    Redmond (WA) – Microsoft has reportedly begun offering a downgrade option to PC makers who want to allow their customers to have the option of using XP over the pre-installed Vista software.

    Why XP owners won’t love Windows 7




    I just purchased the PodiatryPrep software and after finishing a practice exam I am unable to print the exam or test questions. Could you please help with this matter?
    -Thomas Hecker


    The QAs are interactive and therefore can not be reduced to static print
    -FARC Support Group

  9. ALL

    We support the most popular version of Windows in the world. Be sure your Vista/WIN 7 hard-drive does not have a preinstalled XP partition with OS – or simply obtain an XP downgrade for an expanded universe of software products.

    See above comments and posts.

    FARC Support

  10. Dear Dr. IG,

    The software will likely not work on non-genuine Windows XP PCs. And, we support no non-genuine OEMs or other non-genuine platforms. It is likely illegal under the DMCA.

    FARC Support

  11. Of PCs and Platforms

    Dr. Jasmine – We do not support non-genuine versions of the MSFT XP Windows OS, nor do we support “home-built” PCs. Please see above.

    Thank you.
    FARC Support Staff


    Microsoft has just issued a temporary fix to the pernicious Duqu virus — also known as “Son of Stuxnet” — which could affect users of Windows Vista, Windows 7 as well as Windows Server 2008.

    DPMs, beware!

    FARC, Inc.

  13. RE: Study Guides for ABPS Recertification Exam (Bob Kuvent, DPM)
    From: Ann Miller RN, MHA

    Dr. Kuvent may want to consider Podiatry Board Preparation Software (podiatryprep.com). I own this product and found it very helpful; however, the last time I called for support, I was told this product did not run under Windows 7. I hope this has changed, but you may need to find an older system to use for your studying.

    David Hettinger, DPM, Wheaton, IL, davidhett@msn.com

    PM Editor’s Note: According to the publisher, this program will run on Windows 7 with an Adobe reader (which is free).

    -Barry Block DPM JD
    PMNews 12/21/11

  14. Dr. Block – We confirm the above

    ALL our study guides run under the free Adobe platform, using MSFT-WIN 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or earlier MSFT operating systems; as well as Linux and the Appple Mac OS.

    Thanks again, Barry!

    Ann Miller RN MHA
    [FARC Inc, Executive-Director]

  15. Help Me!

    I am a little confused on how to use this CD … I appreciate your time and just want to use hopefully the right CD in the most appropriate manner … What about some other files [like investing] on the CD?

    Thank you.
    Allan Rosenthal, DPM

  16. Hi Dr. Rosenthal,

    After many queries, we are glad you are now installed correctly. Some files were free value-added-material [medicine and orthopedics] at N/C. While, others were promotional ads for our related sites and products:

    ADMINISTRATORS: http://www.springerpub.com/Search/marcinko
    PHYSICIANS: http://www.MedicalBusinessAdvisors.com
    PRACTICE: http://www.BusinessofMedicalPractice.com
    HOSPITALS: http://www.HealthCareFinancials.com
    ADVISORS: http://www.CertifiedMedicalPlanner.com
    BLOG: http://www.MedicalExecutivePost.com

    Nevertheless, you are good to go for your ABPS re-certification exam and remain “guaranteed” to pass.

    Many thanks.

    FARC Inc support for http://www.PodiatryPrep.com

  17. More WIN 7 Problems in 2012

    Microsoft is planning seven fixes for January’s Patch Tuesday release that will address bugs in all versions of Windows 7 and possibly for the SSL/BEAST flaw. Microsoft plans to ship seven patches closing security holes in the Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft developer tools and software in its first Patch Tuesday release of 2012.

    The company fixed vulnerabilities in all versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, according to Microsoft’s advance notification announcement released January 5h, 2012. One of the seven bulletins is rated “critical,” and the remaining ones are rated “important.” The critical bulletin, which fixes a remote code execution issue in Media Player, can be downgraded to “important” for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 users, according to the advisory.

    Microsoft is expected to release the updates for January’s Patch Tuesday on January 10th, 2012.



  18. Apple i Pad

    Q: I would like to utilize my podiatry prep disk on my i Pad.
    Lee K. Gold DPM

    A: Unfortunately, a programming license from Apple Inc is far too expensive to code for same in a small market like podiatry.

    Thank you.
    FARC Inc

  19. To whom it may concern,

    I recently received the podiatry ABPS [QAs] CD-ROM in the mail … The program worked but continuously freezes and I need to turn my computer off/on and start from the beginning. The last time I did this the program says illegal action detected … please help with problem.

    Irma Wejuli, DPM
    [Sent from my Android phone. Please excuse my brevity].


    Dear Dr. Wejuli,

    Our programs are large and technically sophisticated. So, when first booting up your PC, please wait and allow the entire program to cache into your hard [usually C] drive. This may take a minute or two [or one or two attempts] for a stand-alone PC. And, our programs are not meant to run on open, or pass-word protected, networks [intra-nets].

    Also, as noted in your instructions manual, save and run the program off your hard drive; not the CD-ROM itself. It will be a more stable, much faster, and more enjoyable learning experience.

    Otherwise, glad you are impressed.

    FARC Technical Support

  20. WIN 7 Version

    Windows 7 users can study with our interactive CDs by downloading a virtual Windows XP OS version embedded in WIN 7; if present.

    Tech Support

  21. Dear FARC, Inc.
    I can not launch your Surgical QA program.
    Dr. Roberts


    Dr. Roberts,
    Just follow the directions carefully.
    Or, call/email for technical support.
    FARC, Inc.


    Dr. Scherer,
    I was able to lauch the program with your suggestion.
    Thank you.
    Ava Roberts, DPM

  22. WIN-XP

    The Internet is filled with refurbished computers preloaded with Win XP Pro that are available very inexpensively. Just go to your favorite vendor (Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Tigerdirect) or simply Google what you are looking for.

    Rich Rettig DPM
    [Philadelphia PA]

  23. Dr. Kump,

    Your PC and email system has been compromised by external sources. Please advise and be forwarned.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


    Hey Ann,

    Yeah, your right! My computer is a piece of crap, brand new and custom made for family enterprises. I will reorder [more programs], soon.

    Timothy Kump DPM JD

  24. Dear Podiatry Prep:

    As of this date, I received 7 separate email attachments from your office. Just wondering if I am to expect any other CDs from the mail, or are the attachments the complete study guide that I should be using in preparation for the ABMSP exam?

    Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.

    A. Roxas DPM


    We now deliver small [one unit] orders by email [SaaS] since CDs were occassionally lost, or de-magnetized by the US or snail mail.

    Technical Support

  25. Microsoft extends Windows XP downgrade rights until 2020


    With 74% of business PCs running XP, the move is more proof that it’s the OS that won’t die.


  26. “Downgrading” to WIN-XP with WIN 7


    What Is A Windows XP Professional Downgrade?

    Windows XP Professional is the version of XP oriented toward business users. When you buy a new computer, it may have a Windows operating system installed on it. Depending on the date of your purchase, the OS may be Windows Vista or Windows 7.


    However, when you pay for the software license for Vista or 7, you can pay an additional fee to downgrade the license to an earlier version of Windows such as Windows XP Professional.


  27. WIN-7 Only

    What if I don’t have WIN-XP?

    Dr. Roxas



    Apple, MSFT and others charge tens of thousands of dollars to some vendors in order to license their source OS code to create innovative software product for niche markets.

    So, in a tiny market we must create for the largest of these which is WIN-XP for PCs, and MACs thru an outsourced utility bridge.

    But, not to worry.

    1. Check to be sure your WIN 7 version does not have an embedded XP, on a partitioned hard drive, already pre-installed.
    2. Buy, install and use an XP “downgrade” for about $15.
    3. Rent a WIN-XP laptop for about $35-40/month.


  28. Hi again – Podiatry Prep and FARC, Inc.

    Thanks for your swift response and I once again apologize for my ignorance.

    So basically, since I don’t have the WIN-XP, I won’t be able to review the 1,500 sample MED/ORTHO or 2,1000 SURGICAL questions?

    OR – is there a way for me to use the inter-active Keystone QA programs with my current WIN-7 laptop? I really want these programs, as I have heard they are extremely helpful for these difficult exams.

    Many thanks.

    Dr. Roxas


    Dear Dr. Roxas,

    Apple, MSFT and others charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to some vendors in order to license their source OS code to create innovative software product for niche markets.

    So, in a tiny market like podiatry, we must create for the largest of these which is WIN-XP for PCs, and MACs thru an outsourced utility bridge.

    But, not to worry, as you can:

    1. Check to be sure your WIN 7 version does not have an embedded XP, on a partitioned hard drive, already pre-installed. This was done because of all the WIN 7 and VISTA lawsuits.

    2. Buy, install and use an XP “downgrade” for about $15.

    3. Rent a WIN-XP laptop for about $35-40/month.

    4. Use an XP desktop.

    FARC Inc Support


    I just placed my order. Thank you again.

    Dr. Roxas

  29. Windows XP is Still Ubiquitous

    Windows XP isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    According to Avast, 23.6 percent of its 211 million users around the world are still running Windows XP. That figure is in line with the 29.5 percent of people globally who are still running Windows XP, according to data from em>Netmarketshare. It appears Microsoft hasn’t been able to convince these holdouts that it is time to move away from XP.

    Customers Don’t Want Windows 8

    Microsoft has been pushing Windows XP users to go to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. There’s just one issue: Nobody wants to get in on that opportunity.

    According to the Avast and Netmarketshare data, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combine for only 10.6 percent market share worldwide. Microsoft is obviously hoping users switch from XP to Windows 8, but given the statistics, that appears unlikely.

    Going Mobile

    And, some say that hackers won’t attack XP because the focus now is on mobile.

    The Editors

  30. WINDOWS XP Support Arrives

    Microsoft is helping the estimated hundreds of millions of customers still running Windows XP, which it stopped supporting earlier this month, by providing an emergency update to fix a critical bug in its Internet Explorer browser.

    Read about the MSFT Rescue



  31. WIN Vista, 7 and 8 – What a mess?

    Sorry to all DPMs who bought this OS.

    Microsoft has come up with a new marketing gambit for Windows. Rather than go with the Windows 9 branding for its newest OS, the company has tried to distance itself farther from the Windows 8 debacle and has gone with Windows 10 branding.

    So, Microsoft hopes you forget the past by skipping to Windows 10
    But, to borrow a concept from the Mythbusters cable show, don’t try this at home.

    Take our advice. Get a copy of XP and relax.



    QUESTION: How do I use the auto-unzip feature?

    ANSWER: Just “double-click” the icon once to activate, and then “double-click” again, to auto-unzip. The PW has been auto embedded for your convenience.

    NOTE: You may need to open all files, from a PC, for the FIRST time. Then, you may be able to use a smart phone, or other device, to access from a myriad of different sources. The default machine, of course, is your e-mail source device.

    And, be sure to brush-up on your PC skills.

    Thank you.

  33. WINDOWS Update 2015

    It seems that Microsoft may have another problem with their touch-surface OS WIN 8.0 and 8.1 versions.

    And, gossip has it that they are skipping WIN 9.0 and going directly to WIN 10 in the future.


  34. To whom it may concern

    I purchased Podiatiric surgery and Primary Podiatric Medicine version of your software about two years ago. Microsoft does not support windows xp anymore and your software does not work on Windows 7. I can not open any of the software on my new computer. Please advice the solution for this problem thank you.

    Omer Aci DPM


    Three Choices:

    1. Use your old computer.
    2. Purchas a Windows XP downgrade version from a vendor of choice for your new machine.
    3. Purchase a new open source version with upgraded from Podiatry Prep for your old or new machine.

    PS: We are now in the WIN-10 era! So, your WIN-7 PC is also actually OLD.

    A Colleague

  35. Omer Aci DPM
    Agree with your colleague above. Your issue is not product technical support. Thank you.
    FARC, Inc.
    [Weekend TECH SUPPORT]

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