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FARC, Inc., is an education-based physician engagement company that provides innovative medical, orthopedic and surgical education and personalized e-learning management solutions to podiatrists, orthopedic foot surgeons and all physicians, residents and students performing lower extremity reconstructive and trauma surgery; or foot and ankle medicine, bio-mechanics, infection management, and wound care.



Through our customized, data driven, and ever fluid A.I analytical testing tools and comprehensive educational libraries, FARC Inc is transforming the way modern podiatrists monitor and prepare for all State licensure tests and Board Certification or Qualification examinations.

Our secure PodiatryPrep.org email delivery platform makes learning engaging, measures practitioner learning comprehension, improves clinical literacy, and empowers doctors to take greater control of their testing and examination needs.


“Buy it – Study it – Keep it – Pass it”


The Foot and Ankle Research Consortium

 Who are the Men and Women from FARC?

Giants – The Foot and Ankle Research Consortium [FARC, Inc] is a group of technology focused doctors, nurses, psychometrists and educational visionaries who decided that there must be a better way to prepare for State Licensure Tests; and all Podiatry Board Certification / Qualification Examination and Re-Examination [MOCs] tests.

Since inception in 1992, FARC has become one of North America’s leading providers of non-sponsored, non-advertiser driven and unbiased print and electronic text books, CD-ROMs, tools and templates; as well as onsite, personal, ESL and distance education for the professional space.

Today – We are paperless and feature electronic test preparation study guides and tools – not last generation paper books, seminars, cloud portal services or CEUs. And so, FARC, Inc., is well positioned for the Software-as-a-Service future.

Board Members:

  • Dr. David Marcinko, MBBS DPM FACFAS MBA MEd – GA [CEO]
  • Dr. William Scherer, DPM FACFAS MS – Florida [CTO]

Medical / Legal Advisors:

  • Dr. Charles F. Fenton III, DPM FACFAS JD PC
  • Dr. Jay S. Grife, JD DPM MA PC
  • Hope Rachel Hetico, RN MHA CPHQ CMP™

Psychometrics Advisors

  • Rachel Pentin-Maki, RN MHA
  • Eugene Schmuckler, PhD MBA MEd CTS

VP Sales and Media Contact:

Ann Miller; RN, MHA
770-448-0769 (vm)



You are … “guaranteed to pass” … with us!

NOTE: Proof of failure required with documented 120 hours of preparation. Product updates only. No monetary refunds possible.




    Have a Unique Need? – Custom Orders Available!

    If you have a special need, we may be able to craft a customized program for you? For example, these unique situations might include:

    • Those who have previously failed any board examination
    • ESL or ADD students, residents and/or foreign doctors
    • Those unhappy with subscription programs with “time-bombs”
    • Doctors who have identified their weak topic/areas of study
    • Those unhappy with dated and traditional print study guides
    • Older doctors or DPMs re-entering professional practice life
    • Students or doctors with “test phobia”
    • Doctors who confuse education with test preparation
    • Those needing private tutors for the oral board exams; etc.

    Call us – tell us about your special needs – and let’s discuss.

    Ann Miller RN, MHA

  2. NEW – Limb Preservation & Salvage?

    Yes, we do have board prep software for the new American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry’s [ABMS-Pod] board certification in Limb Preservation & Salvage?

    Subject areas include:

    •Diagnosis and Management of:

    Diabetic Ulcers
    Venous Ulcers
    Pressure Ulcers
    Ischemic Ulcers

    •A-Typical Skin Lesions
    •Histology of Wound Healing

    •Internal Medicine: Diabetes and other disease entities that can impact wound healing.

    •Fewer number of questions are found in the following subject areas:

    Medical / Legal Aspects


    FARC, Inc.

  3. Dr Marcinko,
    Have there been many changes since the last edition; it is time for me to take the ABPS re-certification exam?
    O. Kent Mercado DPM JD
    [Chicago, Il]


    Dr. Mercado,
    YES – Many thanks for your order.
    Ann Miller RN MHA



  4. What do you have for the ABPM part 2 board certification exam?
    Michael Cantrell DPM

    • DOCTOR,

      Many thanks for your contact. We track, update and have material for all board tests; and Re-Certs. So, we do have what you need for the NEW ABPM-II cognitive test which includes orthopedics.

      Also, be aware that we now invoice by PayPal and deliver by secure email; no more CDs; and no time-bombs; no cloud servers to go down.

      Thank you and advise.

  5. Partial List of FARC Inc., Experts and Contributors to PodiatryPrep.org:

    •Paul A. Valle; MD
    •Dean L. Mondell; MD
    •Alvario Lopez; MD
    •David J. Sartoris; MD
    •Kenneth Weiss; MD
    •Dieter Havemann; MD
    •Kai Olms; MD
    •Philip Wilson; MD
    •Carl Abramson; PhD
    •Barry Dickinson; PhD
    •Dwight Lambe, Jr.; PhD
    •Kaethe P. Ferguson; PhD
    •David Secord; DPM
    •Gene Potter; DPM, PhD
    •Charles F. Fenton; JD
    •Kent Mercado; DPM, JD
    •Isidore Steiner; DPM, JD
    •Gordon Patton; DPM; RPh
    •David Agoada; DPM
    •Thomas Azzolini; DPM
    •Gregory Alvarez; DPM
    •Alan S. Banks; DPM
    •James J. Bartley; DPM
    •Frederick Barthomei; DPM
    •Palmer Branch; DPM
    •Winfield E. Butlin; DPM
    •Thomas Merrill; DPM
    •Alan R. Catanzariti; DPM
    •Rhonda Cope; PMAC
    •Stephen Corey; DPM
    •Kennrick J. Dennis; DPM
    •Thomas M. DeLauro; DPM
    •Michael J. DeMarco; DPM
    •Michael Downey; DPM
    •Douglas H. Elleby; DPM
    •Robert Floros; DPM
    •Gerald Gorecki; DPM
    •Paul M. Greenberg; DPM
    •Nicholas Grumbine; DPM
    •Charles J. Gudas; DPM
    •George Gumann, Jr., DPM
    •Kevin Healy; DPM
    •Arthur Helfand; DPM
    •Eric Hubbard; DPM
    •Allen M. Jacobs; DPM
    •Anthony Kidawa; DPM
    •Dean P. Kostakos; DPM
    •Leonard Levy; DPM, MPH
    •Lori Lipkin; DPM
    •Francis R. Lynch; DPM
    •Kieran Mahan; DPM
    •Judith Manzi; DPM
    •Stephen A. Mariash; DPM
    •E. Dalton McGlamry; DPM
    •John Mehnert; DPM
    •Orlando A. Mercado; DPM
    •C. Mercado-Ciessau; DPM
    •Orlando Mercado; DPM
    •David J. Neese; DPM
    •Nicky Dowdy Nigro; DPM
    •Lawrence Oloff; DPM
    •Jason Pearson; DPM
    •Kevin Pearson; DPM
    •Robert Phillips; DPM
    •Martin Port; DPM
    •Rock Positano; DPM
    •Mark J. Rappaport; DPM
    •Kenneth Rosenthal; DPM
    •Richard Roth; DPM
    •William Sanner; DPM
    •Barbara Schlefman; DPM
    •Nathan H. Schwartz; DPM
    •Mark W. Shaffer; DPM
    •Jon Tinkle; DPM
    •Elliott Udell; DPM
    •David Unger; DPM
    •John V. Vanore; DPM
    •Harold Vogler; DPM
    •George F. Wallace; DPM
    •Stephen Wan; DPM
    •James Zelichowski; DPM
    •Christoph C. Zenker; DPM
    •Gerard V. Yu; DPM [R.I.P]


  6. PODIATRYPREP.org on the RISE

    Dr. Steven Klasko, the president of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and CEO of Jefferson Health, says that medical schools have the recruiting process all wrong.

    In an age of advanced technology, they’re still choosing students who can reel off organic chemistry compounds, rather than screening for qualities like critical thinking, entrepreneurship and empathy. Once students arrive, they’re being asked to spend years on rote memorization.

    It’s a system designed to “suck the creativity out of physicians,” Klasko said, while encouraging them to compete with each other, rather than collaborate.

    Thus, the “raison de’tra” of PodiatryPrep.org testing psychometrics is confirmed.


  7. About PODIATRYPREP.org

    PP.org was created by podiatric physicians and surgeons who wanted to make studying for podiatric certifying, MOC, state licensure and relate exams as concise and simple as possible.

    Content was provided by over 175 physicians, health-care providers, and podiatric surgeons. We believe the key to passing is to replicate exam conditions. Our mission is to engineer and foster these conditions while providing high-yield, top quality content – designed to help you PASS.

    Today – this includes technology like data analytics, AI and the newer CBT – CPC and COGNITIVE styled clinical scenario questions that are making the tests extremely rigorous.


  8. CUDOS

    If you think there’s even the smallest chance that these study guides will help you, you owe it to yourself to try them out.

    Don’t let fear or doubt stand in the way of what could be your best opportunity to achieve the test score you need to fulfill the dream you deserve; as a Board Certified Podiatric Physician and Surgeon!

    Dr. Alexander


    Critical thinking is the analysis of facts [SOAP] to form patient centric judgment.

    The subjects of podiatric medicine, orthopedics, wound care and surgery is complex, and critical thinking for test preparation includes the rational, skeptical, unbiased analysis, or evaluation of factual medical evidence.

    With our knowledge based content files, QAs, tools, techniques and assistance, critical thinking can move from a largely self-directed, self-disciplined and self-monitored exercise, to become acquired, learned and self-corrective thinking. It presupposes assent to our rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use. It entails effective communication and problem-solving abilities as well as a commitment to overcome native egocentrism and socio-centrism. All of which are our goals and objectives for adult learner colleagues.

    This is the emerging new philosophy of the modern board exams; and our “Raison Detra”.
    Study Well!


    I am taking the podiatry boards part 3 in December.
    I have been out of podiatry school for over 30 years.
    I need some help from your company.

  11. Is there an exam prep course or guideline/s?

    • http://www.PodiatryPrep.org = YES; study content, old and new styled QAs, guidelines and test wise-ness tips and pearls, and everything needed to pass the first time. Any board cert exam and customizable, too. We invoice by Paypal and delivery by email. How can we assist?

  12. What is the cost?

  13. Hoping for information to help me pass part three APMLE.
    Leonard R. Wagner DPM

  14. How do I access my account when I have lost both registration email and password information?

    • There is NO registration or PW info needed. You have no account with us. This customized material is not SAAS; but rather all purchased material was licensed and sent to you by secure personal email. Please review our website.
      THANK YOU.

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