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As our PodiatryPrep.orgblog readers are aware, testimonials, kudos and comments about our new-wave products seem to scatter and land everywhere on this site. And, while we do appreciate them all, it does lead to a bit of digital clutter.

So, to organize the accolades, please be sure to enter our quarterly giveaway! How? Simply become a PodiatryPrep.org fan. Comment on our wall page with a testimonial on why you love customized PodiatryPrep™ study guide suites for all individualized podiatric medicine and surgery sub-specialties.

We’re giving away a medical management book, health information technology e-whitepaper, and/or practice administration dictionary every quarter to one lucky doctor among those who do; subject to availability.

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  1. The First

    This testimonial wall is a great idea! So, let me be the first to congratulate you and tell my story.

    I bought your products after I failed the boards using another subscription based study guide service. I was very disappointed in it. It seemed to be nothing more than a digital version of a popular print book … and only surgery … what a disappointment.

    But, your products were psychometrically constructed and helped me to pass; first the medical test and then the surgery test. Your ability to update and customize specific products is amazing, too!

    Many thanks again.

    Dr. Joe

  2. Looking forward to insights.
    Stuart Goldman; DPM

  3. Dear Dr. David E. Marcinko,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking my call today and spending time with me to narrow down some of the pressing questions I had. I also thank you in advance for all the efforts made on my behalf to get the review questions to me as soon as possible. I am sure you remain concerned about whether or not I will have enough time to review; but from my standpoint, I remain thankful even at this late stage in the game to at least have the few days that remain. Most of the material is static, but as you well know the questions can be presented in a different format, especially years later since I first took the exam. I do have a few review questions from over 10 years ago and but they are not specific for the test I am going to be taking.

    While training at Barry I did have the opportunity to be a student of Dr.Scherer, he taught my radiology course. I believe his plans for this business venture was in it’s infancy at the time. He was dedicated to making sure we, as students, understood the course material, and years later his passion for understanding still lingers. I appreciate your honesty today and feel that your sincerity mirrors Dr. Scherer’s, and for that I am truly grateful!!! Your insight on “stress questions” and the increased use of them as well as sharing the fact that you were part of the very board that I am testing into all helped to actually decrease my stress level. As I have explained my situation is so unique and almost unbelievable to tell you the truth, that it’s actually too stressful to be stressed over, I don’t know if you have ever experienced a situation in your life that was so stressful that you could not even be stressed, it is quite a humbling experience.

    A couple years ago I took the North Carolina Licensure exam while being 8 months pregnant, would I wish that on my worst enemy probably not, but the outcome was successful. I have always shyed away from board review questions in the past, because of the negative stigma and secrecy associated with obtaining them. So part of my delay honestly, was just not researching “board review questions” until today. As I mentioned before I had heard “through the grapevine” that Dr. Scherer was working on something, but I guess since I did not have access to this service many years ago, I didn’t think about it before today. Moving forward, I feel so blessed to have been clear headed enough (taking a moment out of the stressful, legal, emotion fog) to have Goggled your company, then to have called and actually have you pick up when the answering machine had already engaged and have you share such vital information, that was perfect timing if you ask me. At this point it would be unwise to doubt that things will not continue to work in my favor, and if you would bare with me for a moment and allow me to mention … from this point forward I’m believing God!!

    I shared some of your advice with my husband and he agreed that at this point what is there to loose. Thank you again, I will email to confirm receipt of documents. Please do me a huge favor, if you think of my situation or me between now and Saturday (test day); please think positive thoughts of me passing. I appreciate you!

    Rachel S. Rader, DPM

    Editor’s Note: Redacted for breviety.

  4. Dr. Rader,

    Many thanks for your order. It was driven by courrier and then shipped by Express mail delivery for no later than Wed, at 3PM, EST. And, it may just arrive tomorrow evening; no promises.

    Dr. Marcinko and Dr. Scherer also appreciate your kind words.
    Good luck!

    [Executive Director]

  5. Ann,
    I did receive the disk OK, at 2:45 pm EST.
    Thank you.
    Dr. Rader

  6. Dear Dr. Marcinko,

    My name is [name withheld] DPM. I graduated from the [name withheld] College of Podiatric Medicine last month. During the week of graduation, I received my board scores and I did not pass. As a direct consequence, I lost my residency.

    In the 7 days that followed, I moved out of my apartment, my belonging were put in storage, I was in a car accident, my fiancé discovered a soft tissue mass (biopsy was benign, but the cyst is being removed next week), and my student loans became due. I currently have no source of income, and I have exhausted every financial resource possible.

    My car was fixed, the tumor will be removed, and in time I will be able to pay back my student loans. However, without the use of your fantastic [PodiatryPrep] software, I am fearful that I will not be able to pass the board exam. I took part II twice, and I don’t know what it is that I am doing wrong.

    I am respectfully requesting a complimentary copy of both versions: Podiatric Surgery and Primary Podiatric Medicine. After I pass the board exam, I will refer all of my colleagues to your services.

    Dr. [name withheld] DPM
    sent via iPhone

  7. Dear FARC, Inc

    I am having trouble loading my product.
    Please help.

    Hillary Brenner DPM


    Dr. Brenner,

    We are glad our savvy tech support team was able to assist within 3 hours of contact. Good luck on the test

    Ann Miller, RN MHA

  8. Dear Doctor [Name Witheld]

    Many thanks for reaching out to us! We here similar stories during these tough economic times and do have a modest special “hardship” fund to assist needy students and young doctors. Subject to restrictions and cancellation at any time!

    But, this is assistance and not a handout. Our philosophy is that you must have some economic “skin in the game” for best results.

    So, this usually involves some sort of a hardship discount, or payment plan, on an individual case-by-case basis.

    Please contact us for details.

    Ann Miller RN, MHA


    Doctor [Name Witheld]

    We are pleased to be of assistance to you. Good luck on the test and your future career!

    Ann Miller RN, MHA
    [Executive Director]

  9. Take our Satisfaction Survey

    Dear PodiatryPrep Client

    You may be selected to receive a quality survey. Your feedback is valuable to us and we are very interested in hearing about your support and testing experiences.

    Should you receive a Quality Improvement survey, we appreciate you taking the time to respond. Have a pleasant day ahead and week.

    [Client Services Representative]

  10. Dear Podiatry Prep and Dr. Marcinko,

    I want to thank you so much for targeting [customized products] me with the material you sent. I passed the rearfoot orals this past June and the review material was excellent and to the point.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me accomplish this goal!


    Greg Boake DPM

  11. Hello David,

    Thanks for your consultation yesterday in regards to foot surgery re-certification. Initially, you thought the course manual [study guide library] would suit me fine. [But], I thought the questions would also help too. I have not updated since my first purchase in 1992. Glad you are still out there.

    William Stano DPM, MD, C.Ped
    [Boise, ID]

  12. Dr. Marcinko,

    I just wanted to thank you for the new CD-ROM. I downloaded it in my same computer and is working fine now. It was so easy to fix the problem.

    Dr. Irma Godoy
    [Upper Saddle River, New Jersey]

  13. I have purchased your products in the past and was pleased with them. Can you tell me what you have available for preparation of the ABPS podiatric surgery exams FF and RF? How many practice questions, and what price?

    I would need to move swiftly with this since the exam is 1 month away.

    Thank you.
    Jeremy Gray DPM

  14. FARC Inc, and Dr. Marcinko,

    Do you have any board prep software for the new American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry’s board certification in Limb Preservation & Salvage?

    I currently have your software for the podiatric medicine, surgery and diabetes boards which was great.

    I’m wondering if any or all of the information in possibly the diabetes board prep software would be sufficient for this new board exam.


    Anas Khoury, DPM
    Director, Northeastern Foot & Ankle
    235 Main Avenue
    Passaic, NJ 07055
    Tel. 973.473.6665
    Fax. 973.471.7308


    Dr. Anas Khoury, DPM

    Many thanks for your kind words, and yes we do.

    FARC, Inc
    [Suport Team]

  15. Sheela John
    POH Regional Medical Center
    50 N Perry Street
    3 N Medical Library
    Pontiac, MI 48342

    Many thanks for your bulk order for the Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital [POH].

    FARC Inc
    [Support Staff]

  16. Dr. William Osler and the Necessity of Examinations
    Source: Dr. Chris Nickson

    Osler said that exams were something of a menace to the true student of medicine:

    “Perfect happiness for student and teacher will come with the abolition of examinations, which are stumbling blocks and rocks of offense in the pathway of the true student.”

    — William Osler, from Aequanimitas, 3rd edition, 1932

    Perhaps this is because no examination can be passed by knowing the subject matter alone. One must also master the “hidden curriculum,” the unwritten rules of engagement. Only the foolish, the prenaturally brilliant, or the interminably lucky dare remain ignorant of these invisible hurdles.

    As such, a great deal of effort must be spent, not only learning about how to care for patients and the manifestations of disease, but about how to pass the quiz. Of course, knowing how to play the game is, in itself, not enough. One must find a way to acquire the necessary knowledge.

    For this, we must embrace what Osler has called the Philosopher’s Stone, that which turns base lead into gold, his Master Word: Work.

    “With too many, unfortunately, working habits are not cultivated until the constraining dread of an approaching exam is felt, when the hopeless attempt is made to cram the work of two years into a six month’ session, with results only too evident to your examiners.”

    — William Osler, from Introductory Lecture on the Opening of the Forty-Fifth Session of the Medical Faculty, McGill University. 1877.

    For all the sweat and tears that these perilous stumbling blocks extract, they are not without purpose. Examinations are an undeniable spur to action. They force us to investigate our deficiencies and expose our many weaknesses. When done as part of perfect preparation, we may be strengthened in time for the test, as well as for the rest of our careers.

    “I do not know of any stimulus so healthy as knowledge on the part of the student that he will receive an examination at the end of his course. It gives sharpness to his dissecting knife, heat to his Bunsen burner, a well worn appearance to his stethoscope, and a particular neatness to his bandaging.”

    — William Osler, from an address to medical students at the University of Pennsylvania, 1885.

    So, ultimately, we must accept that examinations are necessary. Offensive rocks though they may be. Yet we do well to remember that examinations are just the toll gates at which we must all pay our dues as we embark on an endless journey. An endless journey in search of mastery in medicine.

    “In its subject matter there is everything in its favour, and it is the easiest possible thing to carry out John Locke’s primary canon in education — arouse an interest… It is hard to name a dry subject in the curriculum. And yet in an audience of medical students such a statement nowadays raises a smile. Why? Because we make the examination the end of education, not an accessory in its acquisition. The student is given early the impression that he is in the school to pass certain examinations, and I am afraid the society in which he moves grinds this impression into his soul.”

    — William Osler, from ‘An Introductory Address on Examinations, Examiners and Examinees. Lancet. 1913; 1047-50.

    “If the license to practise meant the completion of his education how sad it would be for the practitioner, how distressing to his patients! More clearly than other the physician should illustrate the truth of Plato’s saying that education is a life-long process.”
    -William Osler, from ‘The Importance of Post-graduate Study.’ Lancet. 1900 (2):73-75.

    Source: Chris Nickson MD is a physician in Australia who blogs at Life in the Fast Lane.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Is the above philosophy true for podiatry board examinations?

  17. FARC, Inc.

    Your board preparation products are the best. I have several and they never fail to impress.

    Dr. Bilner

  18. Dr. Melinda Zellars,

    Thanks for your e-mail contacts and telephone call.

    Yes, there is still ample time left to study for the NBPME [Part II] March and June 2012 tests; but only with FARC, Inc software by http://www.PodiatryPrep.com

    But, you may want to email or phone in your order. For speedier delivery, we can overnight Priority Mail, too!

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  19. A Great Value!

    I just paid $1,500 for a SAT prep course for my son in addition to books and software. There were 20 others kids in the class.

    I will soon also pay $95/hour for private tutoring. So, this software represents a tremendous value, in my opinion.

    DPM Dad

  20. KUDOS

    Congratulations to the Foot & Ankle Research Consortium [FARC, Inc] for being selected as a winner of the 2012 Best of Norcross Georgia Awards in the Computer Software Development category by the US Commerce Association (USCA).

    I’m sure that your selection as a 2012 Winner is a reflection of the hard work of not only yourself, but of many people that have supported your business and contributed to the subsequent success of your organization.

    Again, congratulations on your selection to such an elite group of small businesses.


    Kelly McCartney
    Board of Review
    US Commerce Association

  21. Getting Ready for Test Day

    Preparing for a test isn’t easy, and most test takers have some sort of test anxiety as they prepare. I know standardized tests have always given me a sense of dread, even when I’m adequately prepared and know I will do well on the test.

    Through high school, college, and then podiatry school, residency and the boards, the tests seemed to only get more complicated and more important.

    Preparing for the next difficult standardized board test in my immediate future became a way of life for me. Podiatry Prep made it easier!

    Thanks Podiatry Prep.

    A Podiatry Resident and Newbie

  22. NBPME Announces New Executive Director

    The National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners (NBPME) has announced that it has selected Phil Park of State College, PA to succeed Charles W. Gibley, Jr., PhD when he retires as Executive Director. The choice was announced by Stephen F. Stern, DPM, President of the Board.

    “We are fortunate to have a person with a broad background in business and professional licensing as well as a deep appreciation for the podiatric profession from working with the podiatric licensing examination dating back to 1985,” said Dr. Mindy Benton, Chair of the Succession Committee.

    FARC, Inc
    via PMNews #4,439

  23. Good afternoon,

    I have been using your software to prepare for my boards next weekend and find it very helpful.

    I have found several questions in your simulation dealing with biostatistics and epidemiology, but cannot find any study material in the info you sent me. Could I be looking in the wrong place? Could you please send me this info?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Dr. Patrick R.
    The Foot and Ankle Institute

  24. Dr. R

    No, you are not looking in the wrong place. Just review the study guide under community health.

    We provide product and technical support and are glad you successfully installed and are using your ala carte program as intended.

    But, we provide no personalized teaching support as researching information on your own is part of the learning process. For more didactic information, we suggest our related integrated suite of products, our free online tools and/or the internet or your local medical library.

    Coaching services: https://podiatryprep.wordpress.com/coaching-service/

    And remember, our proportional simulators often match the real test in topical weight and acuity. But, this is testing psychometrics, not spoon-feeding or cheating, so you will still have to study diligently on your own. GUARANTEED!

    Of course, such self-help searching will also alert you to related material which may, or may not, be useful on the test. However, it may be very helpful in the real world of clinical care, patient treatment and/or public health dynamics.

    Good luck in advance and thanks for the compliment!

    FARC Inc

  25. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I ordered the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry-medicine version and medicine study guide from you about two years ago, which were very helpful.

    I am now attaching an order form for the American Board of Multiple Specialites in Podiatry (ABMSP) — Surgery version. I would like to order the ABMSP keystone podiatric surgery CD as well as the ABMSP podiatric surgery study guide.

    Dr. Nadeem Sheikh
    King Abdul Aziz Medical City
    National Guard Health Affairs
    Kindom of Saudi Arabia

    I am sending a check separately through Bank of America, for $650 ($600 for the two CD’s and $50 for speedy delivery).

    Thank You and Best Regards,

    Dr. Sheikh

  26. Hi Dr. Sheikh,

    So glad you loved our prouducts and have returned for more. We will customize a special edition version just for you, and preserve your bulk order discount.

    Good luck!


  27. Dear FARC, Inc

    I used your CDs last year and passed the PMLexis test for my state. Now, I want to take the medical boards and need all your materials.

    Ralph Ernesto DPM
    New York


    Dr. Ernesto,

    Great news, indeed! As per our conversation, we will be pleased to customize a 3 CD integrated suite for you.

    Thanks for being a fantastic FAN.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  28. You are awesome! Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it! I will keep you informed about my results.

    Hana Finn DPM
    Barry University

  29. Hi

    I am writing you regarding my frustration with podiatry board preparation service. I purchased the product about 7 days ago and ever since I have been waiting to receive the CD-ROM.

    Today when I check my email and my mailbox, I didn’t find anything. When I emailed back to inquire regarding the matter, I was told that my PC firewalls or fillers on my personal computer needs to be disabled in order for me receive the software. I also was told that the software was sent to me several time and it was returned due to my PC security software.

    Masoud Moradi, DPM
    Barry University Foot and Ankle Institute
    Mercy Hospital
    Miami, Florida


    FARC Support Reply

    We did speak with him and found one issue that his gmail.com settings was blocking file attachments so he never got our emailed programs. So, we sent him files to [his alternate] yahoo.com email account.

    He did receive the files and he will test on a Windows XP machine tomorrow.

    Dr. William P. Scherer MS
    [Director – FARC Inc Support]



    Apparently my gmail account has been rejecting any email with zip file. I would like to thank Dr Scherer for sending me the file to my Yahoo account email … Thanks again for your email and thank you Dr Scherer.



    Yes, please turn all PC filters, screens and fire walls etc, off!
    Good luck, again!

    FARC Inc, Technical Support

  30. I think your softwares are great.

  31. To: FARC Inc offices

    Thank you. I appreciate all the help I can get. I am now plowing thru the material.

    Kelvin Crezee DPM

  32. From: Timothy Kump; DPM, JD
    RE: Surgery, Medicine and Orthopedics

    The following is an email that Dr. Tim Kump sent you recently but has not heard from you yet. Could you please let us know if he has received all the materials that he has paid for! He is also interested in placing another order. You can call our office during the day or our home in the evening.


    Dear Dr. Kump,

    Your ABPS interactive SURGICAL QAs program was just re-licensed, re-RFID tagged, and re-sent to you. Please note the original transmission was returned to us; so check your PC, inbox, filters, etc. So, your entire surgery order is now complete.

    Now, you additionally wrote below:

    I am also taking the ABMPS Eligibility Exam for Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine and wish to order both the Primary Care materials as well as the Surgical materials including KEYSTONE PODIATRIC SURGERY (Q & As), ABMSP- Podiatry Surgery Version for Windows XP, the KEYSTONE PODIATRIC MEDICINE (Q&As) and the Comprehensive Library Study-Guides for the ABMPS Primary Care in Podiatric Medicine Exam and the applicable one for the ABMPS Surgical Eligibility Exam (if one exist) but I do not know which ones are applicable for the ABMPS Exams?

    Therefore, at your request, we will now invoice you only $600 for 2 programs:

    • ABMPS primary care medicine and orthopedics QAs [WIN-XP].
    • ABMPS primary care and orthopedics study guide library [Adobe .pdf type]

    Why? As a professional courtesy, we also included additional ABMPS surgical QAs in the re-transmission at no extra charge so these purchases are not needed. We will also include the additional related primary care ABMPS study guide material in your new order, at N/C.

    Glad you like our products.
    Good luck!
    Thank You.


    Hi Ann,

    I greatly appreciate your kindness and your professional courtesy regarding these study materials!

    I very much do like your products and look forward to receiving these new materials!
    As soon as you invoice me, I will pay it promptly.

    Thank You!
    Dr. Tim Kump DPM JD

  33. Surgery Re-Certification

    Thank you for the ABPS re-certification study guide. It is just what I need.

    Shela Burdge DPM
    [via telephone]

  34. NBPME

    You are the only company with a PML Parts II-III study guide and related material. Thank you.

    Nikita Katial
    [via telephone]

  35. Ann,

    I am very much interested in these products as well.

    ADMINISTRATORS: http://www.springerpub.com/Search/marcinko
    PHYSICIANS: http://www.MedicalBusinessAdvisors.com
    PODIATRISTS: http://www.ePodiatryConsentForms.com
    PRACTICE: http://www.BusinessofMedicalPractice.com
    HOSPITALS: http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9781439879900
    ADVISORS: http://www.CertifiedMedicalPlanner.org
    BLOG: http://www.MedicalExecutivePost.com

    I will visit all these links and be in touch with you … thanks again for everything!

    Tim Kump DPM JD
    Sent from my iPhone

  36. Testimonial

    I used PodiatryPrep.com board certification software to study for the ABPS exam and passed! The program was very helpful in guiding my study even while on a ski trip out West.

    I highly recommend it.

    Dan Waldman DPM FACFAS
    Asheville, NC

  37. Re-Certification Study Guide

    Many thanks to Dr. Marcinko for his recent phone call and advice.
    I was delighted with my first PodiatryPrep order more than a decade ago.
    And, I was still delighted with my ABPS re-certification study guide program today.

    Thank you.
    Dr. Gregory Boake

  38. Second time around,

    David – I love your stuff. I used PodiatryPrep interactive QAs for ABPS certification a decade ago.

    This new material for Re-Certification is excellent.

    Gene MacDonald DPM
    via telephone

  39. Hi again, Doctor Aroob Moin

    Glad you are pleased with our interactive QA software program for the ABPS examination. And yes, MSFT-Windows XP is the most popular AND best business Operating System on the planet.

    Now, you may also wish to purchase our comprehensive study guides for even more preparation. And, we will preserve your discount, too.

    Best of luck!
    Ann Miller RN MHA

  40. Hi Ann,

    I have very much enjoyed your program materials and also appreciate your kindness in providing bonus items … Thanks!

    Tim Kump DPM

  41. AMSB-Pod Study Guide [customized]

    This is great!
    Wish I would have ordered it sooner!

    Andrea Gillio DPM

  42. The Keystone Board Examination Simulation Software Guarantees that you will “Pass the Boards!”

    Many thanks for your “guarantee”.
    I used the free new material last year and finally … passed!

    Anonymous and relieved DPM

  43. Podiatry Prep,

    You are AWESOME!

    Paul Jones DPM
    [Happy Valley, Oregon]

  44. Dr. Jones,

    I agree … good stuff!

    Jessica DPM

  45. Subject: Prep for APMLE Part III

    Dear Dr Scherer,

    My name is Ted Ursich and I graduated from CCPM in 1983. I have been out of private practice for some years. I decided that I would like to practice again and was told by my state board just to take Part III.

    I subscribed to podiatryboardsprep for 3 months and took the exam this December; not an easy exam for me, and did not do as well as I had hoped. So, I am going to retake the exam in June, 2014.

    I am seriously considering your program for the Part III Exams this time around. Will your program help me? I am really “gun-shy” at this point after burying myself into the podiatryboardsprep ‘BS’ for almost 3 months.

    Honest opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Ted Ursich, DPM

  46. Dr. Ted Ursich,

    Many thanks for your email. After being in the business for 20 years, we have heard similar stories before.

    So yes, we may be able to help with our combined PART II-III program. It contains content files, traditional QAs, and the newer CBC/hybrid-didactic essay type CBT questions. Perhaps, this new style was the source of your difficulty?

    Now, although a bit more expense at $350, our products are very comprehensive. And, there are no others available for this small market. Hence, the R&D and updates we pursue are not available elsewhere. And, there are no time-bombs.

    Moreover, for $25 more, we can customize for you to a limited extent. Just tell us which subjects you did poorly in; and we will do the rest. Such customization is highly recommend in your case.

    And, to expedite the process, we accept Paypal and then deliver by secure email. We will invoice you now; for $375.
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  47. Thank you for your help.
    I look forward to start reviewing.

    Joann Orphanos DPM

  48. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Ted Ursich and I recently purchased your program. I am planning on re-taking the Part III Boards this June. I recently started going through the material and I really enjoyed it, but I am a little worried.

    Is there a specific order I should be following to your program? Do you have any recommendations on how to attack your program? I am looking at all the folders and was wondering if it would be to my needs to memorize all the information in order to survive a 2nd ‘go-round’ with the boards in June?

    Forgive me for sounding so obtuse, but I have never seen myself as a ‘leader’, but more as a ‘follower’ who usually gets the job done once pointed in the right direction.

    Please, if you have any advice, I am ‘all ears’ and very grateful!

    Ted Ursich

  49. Dr. Ursich,

    Generally, we send the files in the correct order you should study them for best results.

    Moreover, you may create separate self-aggregated study folders for personal use, and categorize the individual files as you see fit. Many doctors love this feature. Typical sub-categories include content, terminology differences, QAs, strengths, weaknesses, [easy-moderate-difficult concepts], other special concerns, etc.

    Remember, this is test-preparation and not cheating, so study very hard. Good luck!

    FARC, Inc

  50. HELLO,

    Thank you for all the program information for my studying. Can you please guide me on the best way of studying with all these files and attachments.

    I believe I am of the age group that is used to studying with books and notes ….. I am having a hard time getting a handle on how to study effectively.

    I appreciate any insight you can give me as i continue to study for my exam.

    Thank you.
    Dr. Orphanos


    Dr. Orphanos,

    Many doctors have told us that they create separate self-aggregated study folders with the files and then categorize them as they see fit.

    Many of our colleagues love this feature. Typical sub-categories include content, terminology differences, QAs, strengths, weaknesses, [easy-moderate-difficult concepts], other special concerns, etc.

    You may also print out the files if you like the feel of paper.
    And, make sure you read the tips and pearls study guide files, too.

    The rest is just good old hard work [study].
    Thank you.


    Thank you, I will try this and hope that it makes my study time more proficient.

    Much appreciated!
    Take care.
    Joann Orphanos DPM

  51. Comprehensive Podiatric Medicine and Orthopedics Comprehensive Library and Study Guide Program

    Thanks a million!
    [Sent from my iPhone]

    Tanisha Smith DPM

  52. Dear Dr. Marcinko and FARC, Inc.,

    I just wanted to thank you for the study guide program. I passed the surgical board re-certification exam while a friend of mine did not. The difference? PodiatryPrep software!

    Now, I am telling everyone about it.

    Paul Scollo DPM

  53. Dear Dr. Marcinko,

    Thought you would like to know that I did pass the re-certification exam with your course material. I did not realize how much material you had sent me. I would attempt to emphasize the importance of starting early to study since there is so much material in your course. Thank you so much for your help.

    Scot Zindel DPM

  54. Dear Dr Marcinko,
    I truly appreciate it; you are such a gentleman.
    Dr. Afshin Java

  55. PodiatryPrep,

    So, I have also referred a friend who will be buying your products, as well. She will get in touch with you. Her name is Dr. xxxxx.
    Thanx, again.

    Rachna Tiwari, DPM

  56. FARC, Inc

    Many thanks for all your help; and the customization versions, too!

    Dr. Manasi Meghpara

  57. Planning to take podiatry boards 3 after being in practice 30 yrs need to have a review book or software to prepare for exam plan to apply for license in another state that requires it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

    • Dr. Annillo,
      Great – We have exactly what you need. We now invoice by PayPal and deliver by secure email. We can also customize and personalize for a slight additional charge [$25-75]. Please advise.
      Thank you.
      PodiatryPrep Support

  58. PML II-III
    Thanks for the materials.
    John Clarity DPM

  59. Podiatry Prep,

    I failed ABPS foot surgery part 1, several times. I passed part 2.

    I have used Board by the Numbers, McGlammary, and Goldfarb. Weak on surgical procedures, classification systems, anatomy and medicine.

    Dr. Wilson, Fredericka DPM

  60. Dr. Marcinko,
    Thank you very much for your help; this study material is invaluable.
    I will keep you posted after my exam in October.
    Thank you again!
    Arti Chopra Amin, DPM

  61. ABPM/O

    Thank you all so much. This is plenty of material for sure. I’ll be a busy bee over the next 5 weeks.

    Mike Cantrell, DPM

  62. KUDOS – 2017

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  64. Some User Testimonials

    This is easily the most time and cost efficient way to study for the boards … kudos and bravura to you and PodiatryPrep™
    – Philadelphia PA

    The Foot and Ankle Research Consortium™ created the electronic test preparation industry for podiatric education two decades ago, and still leads the way in research and development…
    – Atlanta, GA

    I was very frustrated because I could not get the software to work on my “home-built” computer. Nevertheless, you promptly refunded my money and I bought a new computer…then I loaded your newest program and passed.
    – Winston Salem, NC

    Throughout the years PodiatryPrep™ test preparation tools and products keep getting better and better; and now you have morphed into a true educational tour de’ force…
    – Sunnyvale CA.

    I was an older practitioner in need of board re-certification, and so I called FARC for technical support. They quickly helped me install the automatic “self-loading programs.”Duh! My bad…
    – Chicago, IL.

    There is no better way to study for any podiatric board examination than Podiatry Prep™; your products, guidance and encouragement was exactly what I needed to purchase, prepare and pass…
    – New York, NY.

    I called FARC support because I wanted an Apple version for my computer. They suggested I go to my local computer store and buy a ten-dollar bridge utility program. Now, I use PodiatryPrep™ and all my other PC software on my new Mac computer; thanks FARC…
    – Des Moines, IA.

    Finally, electronic freedom from the boundaries of person, place, time, seminars, lectures, books, podcasts and expensive subscriptions services with time bombs…
    – Baltimore, MD.

    The FARC Library™ product is an awesome collaborative effort. Like your other CD-ROMs for board preparation, it was so well written that even an old dog like me can learn new tricks.
    – Columbus, GA

    Thank you for putting together this study program and making it available.
    I really appreciate your services.

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