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Today, we live in a era of evidence based medicine and personalized healthcare, gene therapy, genomics, and other related approaches to individualized patient care. So – why not personalized board examination preparation? 

Isn’t it time to dismiss the last-generation model of off-the-shelf and one-size-fits-all board preparation books, tools, e-study guides and cloud based subscription products … forever? Well, we think so at Podiatry Prep, by FARC Inc.


Each product is a complete study package suite for the podiatric board examination or state licensure test tracked. So, tell us your subject area strengths and weaknesses [medical, orthopedic or surgical], include your academic background, preceptorship, internship, residency training and clinical experience – And, we’ll customize a board exam / state test preparation program suite especially for you; for a small  additional charge [$50-$100]. May take 24-48 hours more, results not guaranteed and all sales final with no refunds possible.

Remember, some state licensure tests are not even uniform: For example, Florida, NC, California, SC, Georgia and some other states are special. So:

  • Are you an ESL student … No problem! 
  • Have you failed a previous board exam … Fear not!
  • Older more mature applicant … No sweat!
  • Afraid of anatomy, a computerized or “oral” test … We have the answer. 
  • Timid about newer “scenario”, CBT, cognitive or EBM questions?
  • Need granular Rear Foot / Ankle – Leg surgery material … We’ve got it!
  • Wound Care Certification: CWCA®, CWSP® and CWS® … You are covered!

The more information you give us about your didactic and experiential background, the more specific and individualized we can be. Then, let us do all the work for you!

So, just tell us the podiatry test or board examination you plan to take, and we will customize a program suite and send you the correct .PDF files, QAs, test-taking tips and content, etc., by secure e-mail delivery.

What could be easier?

[Experience the Next Generation of Board Examination Testing Psychometrics] 

Experience PODIATRY PREP.org


  1. Dear FARC, Inc

    Fabulous idea … a new standard is born … the bar is raised … beyond tips and pearls, etc, etc!

    Seriously … if you can really deliver … this is ground-breaking and a paradigm shift in board certification testing, examination preparation and education!

    Good luck!

    Hope Rachel Hetico
    Profesor of Healthcare Administration
    [Graduate and Business School]
    Chicago, Illinois

  2. Cool … You do make a great effort at trying out new ideas and innovations.


  3. Hello,

    I am about to take the ABPS RRA part one for the third time. There has been no consistency with my results. Scores in each section vary significantly. Not sure how to approach it now.

    1. PM&S-36
    2. Practice history includes trauma call at level one trauma center.
    3. Have used “Boards by Numbers”, Kitioka, Pocket Podiatry, and our huge two book podiatry “Bible”.

    No idea where to go from here.

    Dr. Charles D.

  4. I sent the check yesterday with my name in the memo. Looking forward to your help.

    Dr. Charels D.

    Many thanks for allowing us to customize two CDs in an integrated suite of study products for you. We appreciate your confidence in us!

    Ann Miller RN MHA
    Executive Director

  5. Dr. Marcinko,

    I need customization for RF/ankle and lower leg surgery, as well as radiology, peri-operative care and treatment.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Craig H. DPM


    Dr. Craig H. DPM,

    Thank you for allowing us to customize two CDs in an integrated suite of study products for you. We appreciate your confidence in us! So sorry you failed – the first time – on your own.

    Ann Miller RN MHA
    [Executive Director]

  6. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Dr. Patrick R.
    via voice mail

  7. Drs. Charles D. and Craig H.

    You might also try print books by Drs. Don Kushner and Larry Harkless for more of the basics. But, products are no substitue for real study. Good luck!


  8. ORALS

    I am about to take the ABPS RF/ankle and lower leg surgery computerized / ORALS. I’ve already passed the written and my cases have been approved. Can you help me?

    Dr. M. Lambo DPM


    Dr. Lambo,
    Many thanks for your customized order; and good luck!
    FARC, Inc

  9. Customization

    Our customized programs are based on users’ goals and learning styles – whether a doctor or podiatry student demands a high score or just a passing grade and whether they learn more effectively by reading, seeing or requiring oral exam help or QAs for board qualification status; etc.

    Our programs allow studying anytime, anywhere and with anyone wherever they are, using activities and self-competitions to stimulate learning. Professors and experts in various podiatric disciplines create content for the study programs.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  10. PodiatryPrep.com

    You have been very helpful and I appreciate it. Will I get another email when the customized software is ready?

    Monique Rolle DPM
    Alexandria, VA


    Dr. Rolle,

    Yes, and please allow 24-48 hours for us to customize, up-date, copy-right, copy-protect, RFID tag and license to you. Pending delivery by secure email via SaaS.

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  11. New CBPS [computer based patient stimulation] Exam Format

    For the last several years, we have been able to customize a CBPS [computer based patient stimulation] / CPC [clinical pathology conference] / oral board styled program with detailed study guide for the RF board certification exam, for only $350 plus a $25-$75 customization fee.

    PayPal invoiced at $375-$425
    Delivered by secure e-mail as a SaaS.

    This is new and advanced MF, RF, ankle and lower-leg surgical reconstructive material.

    Now, while we do make educated guesses regarding CBPS test content and related customized updates, we are never absolutely sure. The bar slowly rises and changes each year.

    Remember, this is test-preparation and not cheating, so you must study the new material, style and format very hard.

    Good luck.

    Gene Schmuckler PhD MEd MBA
    [Chief Psychometric Officer]

  12. Hello,

    I did receive the downloads – but I was looking for the ABPS written examination, not the orals just yet. Do you have one for the written ABPS?


    Dr. Shazis DPM



    Under the somewhat confusing new ABPS CBT/CPC format, the “orals are now written” and the “written are now orals.” This is most likely to allow modernized computer based testing psychometrics; with minimal human input and cost.

    But, the board seems naturally silent on the topic. Additional input is appreciated from our readers,

    Ann Miller RN MHA

  13. Hello,

    I am planning to take the podiatric medicine test for the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry. I would appreciate some input on what is recommended for studying for this medicine board.

    Thank you,
    Summer Getzen DPM
    PS: I do have a MAC

  14. Summer Getzen DPM,

    Many thanks for your customized order; and so glad you passed.


  15. Hi,

    Q: I understand California requires passage of PM Lexis III, whereas I see you offer PM-LEXIS Version [Parts II and III] Exam; is Part II required study for California? Also, does the Part III course cover all the subject material for California licensure?

    LC Loggins DPM


    Dr. Loggins,

    Many thanks for reaching out to us. YES; we can also customize a product for you for only a slight additional charge.

    PodiatryPrep Support

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